Why Does Body Detoxing Work?

The modern Western diet is very far removed from the diet our ancestors ate. To see the change you don’t have to travel far. While the minds of some may go back to cavemen and primitive hunter-gatherers even our recent history is very telling. A hundred years ago there was no fast food. Highly processed and chemically preserved foods were a rarity if they could be found at all. Instead our ancestors ate whole, unprocessed foods. Seasonally available fresh produce, lean meats from animals who weren’t fed a steady diet of genetically modified corn and antibiotics. Sugary drinks were a treat and fried foods were a Sunday dinner, not a weeknight staple. This is very different from the diet we consume today and our bodies are paying the price.

There is an increasing body of evidence that shows some of the toxins in our body-pesticides, antibiotics, food additives, hormones, and a host of other chemicals-may end up stored in fat cells. As these toxins collect they can begin to affect your body. You may feel lethargic, confused, or find yourself feeling ill more often.

The removal of toxins can be done in several ways. The body is designed to do this work on it’s own however with years of constant wear and tear, so to speak, your body is rarely running at peak performance. A good detox diet such as Total Wellness Cleanse will help your body remove these unwanted toxins.

First off, your body needs a break. Toxins enter your body in a number of ways. They may be inhaled, enter through the skin, ingested while you eat, or any number of other things. The end result is usually the same. They are picked up by the bloodstream where they work their way through the liver to be filtered. Your kidneys, intestines, lungs, skin, and lymphatic system also share some of the burden. But when you’re constantly being hit with drugs, smog, antibiotics and a host of other toxins your body can become overwhelmed. Detoxing gives these vital organs and systems a rest.

Next your detox diet may boost several of your body’s detoxing systems. Once the liver has had a chance to catch up it’s filtering capacity may be increased. Improving your circulation will also help to move toxins quickly and efficiently so they can be cleaned out by your body. Additional foods or supplements can be used to promote the elimination of toxins through the kidneys, intestines, or skin.

Finally at the end of your detox diet a new diet plan may be laid out. This plan will generally be based on the same principles of the detox diet but allow for greater flexibility. This helps to recharge the body with the healthy and wholesome nutrients it needs to keep up the good work it’s been doing.

While each detox diet and program has it’s specifics and benefits, these overreaching factors are used in almost all of them. All promote total body health all the way down to the cellular level. When you start with strong cellular building blocks the body they build will also be strong and healthy.

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