June 2014 – Health Connector

The sleep patterns in America have changed for the worst and the main reason is found in today’s technology. With the increasing use of internet and personal tech such as TVs, laptops, ipads, and gaming consoles, it is not wonder why sleep deprivation is paramount. Music is also a technological factor in sleep deprivation. This trend of listening to music often includes people attempting to sleep at night with head phones on, blasting loud music. While some may find this to be soothing for sleep, it is actually detrimental and makes it more difficult to sleep.  If you do have to listen to something, listen to relaxing music that puts you too sleep.  Listening to meditation tapes or nature sounds also works extremely well in terms of helping you fall asleep.


An American survey on sleep, based on 6000 people, has found that 63% of people have complained about sleeping disorders. Almost all of them admitted to surfing the internet, watching TV, and listening to music. The connection between technology use and lack of sleep is clear. The excessive usage of technology takes hours out of sleeping at night due in large part to the addictive nature of using said technology. These advances in technology have offered people new ways to communicate with friends and entertain themselves, activities that people much rather do than sleep.

Clearly, the lack of sleep has become a major problem now. On average, around 60% of people complain about bad sleep, the main cause of which comes from the wide spread use of technology. This is a very serious health issue, something that needs to be looked into. The lack of sleep can negatively impact day to day activities such as driving, working, and overall concentration.  It is highly recommended that one takes natural sleep aids such as biotin.

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