What to do misdiagnosed cancer

With current statistics showing that more than 1 in 3 people in the UK will develop some form of cancer in their lifetime, it is unsurprising that cancer has been stated as the number one fear for the British public. The diagnosis and treatment of cancer in yourself or a loved one can be a traumatic experience both physically and psychologically. One of the most difficult things to deal with is relinquishing control of your own body and putting your complete trust in the medical professionals.

 As the average layperson is unlikely to have any real medical understanding of the diagnosis or treatment of cancer, they must follow instructions to be tested, take medication and undergo procedures in the hope of survival.

With so much focus on cancer in the UK it is unsurprising and of great relief that treatments are becoming more effective, diagnoses made earlier and psychological support made more widely available. One of the key factors to beating cancer is early diagnosis, and this pressure on health care practitioners has caused a surge ofmistakes in this area. Stories of misdiagnosed cancer are truly heart-breaking and terrifying and can cause long lasting physical and psychological damage.

 Unnecessary cancer treatment can shorten life expectancy, provoke further illness and cause a delay in recovery. There is also potential for severe psychological damage if misdiagnosed with cancer, as well as the costly financial implications of expensive treatment.

If misdiagnosed cancer has affected you or someone you love, there is help at hand and you could be entitled tofinancial compensation. ” are a вЂњNo Win No Fee” solicitors who specialise in medical negligence. Medical professionals are expected to deliver care to a level of competency, and if medical negligence has led to unnecessary invasive surgery or damaging treatment as well as psychological damage, you could be compensated for this.  

If you or a loved one has been through a case of ” do get in touch with Bolt Burdon Kemp for advice on compensation. Their team will look at your situation individually and advise you of the strength of your case and how is best to proceed.

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