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Asthma, in lay mans term is a condition where the person is unable to breathe, leading to suffocation, wheeze and cough. On getting such attack, the airways are constricted due to swelling and inflammation in nasal tract. Symptoms include chest tightness, shortness of breath, continual coughing etc.

Often, it can result from allergic reaction to pollen/dust mites/mold/pet fur, tobacco smoke, gastroesophageal influx disease, upper respiratory infection, inhalation of sudden dry-cold air etc. Hypertensive immune system can cause bronchial tubes inflammation when exposed to the abovementioned triggers.

Treatment with beta agonists, ipratropium, oral corticosteroids is possible. People use rescue inhaler and peak flow meter to keep asthma in check. Coffee, lemon and onions too have anti-inflammation prop….

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