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Throughout the ages, many people have longed for peace on earth and have worked to try to make a better world. A movement for peace on earth has been growing throughout history, though until now, it has traveled along many different paths.Every moment of history has led to this moment. This is the moment we must claim for the PEACE ON EARTH MOVEMENT. By uniting together now, we bring together all of the efforts of all of the people who have ever dreamed and lived and worked to help make a better world. By accepting that all of these efforts have been part of a movement that has carried a torch of hope and promise throughout human history, we see that every act of kindness, every triumph of goodness and justice was important and part of a greater plan.

The Peace On Earth Movement is not just an extension of the Antiwar / Peace Movement – it is not just about ending war. It is not a cult. It’s not an organization. It’s not something for which you need to pay to become a member. It’s a REALIZATION. A realization that we want PEACE ON EARTH to become our number one priority, as individuals AND as a society.

In order to create a culture of peace, where peace on earth is our common goal, we must help change our attitudes about peace. If we can create a Peace Economy as an alternative path, we will help to transform our world. The key to creating a Peace Economy is the realization that doing good should no longer be seen as its own reward — people must be able to earn their livelihoods creating a better world in order to create a culture of peace. The Peace Industry will inspire entrepreneurs and businesses to realize that peace can and should be profitable.

There is a tremendous wealth of resources held by those who wish for a better world. If we use these resources together to create the infrastructure for a vast peace economy, we will transform every sector of our society and make peace on earth possible.

Help create peace on earth … join the Peace On Earth Movement

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