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From its fabulous beaches to its beautiful architecture the allure of Goa, India is unparalleled.  Though it is the smallest of the states in India and is known by many as a gateway to other parts of the country, Goa has built a reputation as one of Asia’s most popular holiday destinations.  This is due largely to the aforementioned beaches, but also to the wonderful nightclub scene which attracts the young and beautiful to this exotic region.

Goa is much more than trance music and sunbathing.  The state is home to some stunning architecture that blends Indian tradition with the Portuguese influences of the colonial period.  Churches and other buildings from the 450 years of Portuguese rule have been preserved in many of Goa’s cities. There are also forts and other landmarks that celebrate the rich heritage of the area.

The cities and beaches are havens for tourists.  Home to great restaurants, five star hotels Goa, swanky nightclubs and tons of places to shop, they are the center of Goa’s tourist industry.  In addition to modern shopping centers, there are traditional open markets. Restaurants feature incredibly fresh seafood from the waters off Goa and those on the beaches take full advantage of their ocean views.  Visitors will want to be sure to sample the world-famous feni at some point in their trip.

The villages of Goa offer a more traditional India.  From charming mountain enclaves to coastal villages, the real Goa is to be found in these traditional communities. Even with the growth of its cities, most of the population resides in villages, commuting to the city for work. The pace here is even slower and the people even friendlier, though its hard to believe that’s possible until one ventures outside the normal tourist city tours.

Goa offers both historic landmarks and natural beauty.  Some of the more popular attractions in the area include the Church of the Immaculate Conception, the Mangueshi Temple, and the Houses of Goa (an architectural museum). Nature lovers will want to check out the beautiful national parks and the many animal and bird sanctuaries across Goa.

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