Greater toronto gta internet marketing and advertising faq, frequently asked questions and answers

How do you define Internet marketing

Internet marketing is a strategy of leveraging search engine results pages to achieve high placement in search results through non-paid methods. Internet marketing is a very effective means to successfully establish a small business marketing campaign.

Is Internet marketing better than traditional bricks and mortar methods

Internet marketing most certainly is a very powerful tool when it comes to small business marketing. Whether or not it is better than bricks and mortar advertising really depends on intended audience demographics. As example; if you know demographic age groups of your targeted audience to be at a senior citizen level then it is probably better to continue to apply traditional marketing methods. The reason is simple; percentages of senior citizens who have adopted Internet use is relatively low. If on the other hand your target audience is in the young to middle aged demographic group then an Internet marketing campaign will provide your small business with a tremendous boost in terms of exposure as well as recognition. Needless to say, long-term outlook will be invaluable as middle aged adopters mature. As for a youth group demographic; well you will really gain their vote of confidence with a well established and well presented Internet presence providing a good user experience. Youthful consumers of our society have wholeheartedly embraced technology. They have keyboards, keypads, as well as all sorts of mobile devices glued to their ears or fingers. If it keeps up at this pace it may transform our DNA to have technological devices growing as extensions of our external senses!

How will you establish a successful Internet marketing strategy for my small business

My methodology for establishing a successful business Internet marketing venture is built upon a very strong understanding of how people search for your products or services via the Internet. Keyword research is a guiding light that is applied to determine what consumers are searching for as well as how they phrase their queries. Equipped with this knowledge I will then make a very straightforward presentation to them through a site geared specifically to provide information they are searching for. The best Internet search engines have very effective algorithms to find these types of websites to propel them to the top of search results to provide their visiting searchers with a very good user experience. That will keep them coming back; which in turn supports their revenue base through advertising purchased by companies who have an ineffective online presence. They are the ones who have to include paid-advertising in their small business advertising campaigns. Internet marketing is non-paid advertising whereas search engine marketing for ineffective websites is paid-advertising.

I know other businesses with ineffective websites, how do I know mine will be helpful

If you have come to a point where you are almost sure about entering into a friendly business agreement and this is the last stumbling block then may I suggest we meet over a casual coffee or tea to allow me time to address this question? Outwardly I have other small business owners that I have worked for that are willing to freely and openly talk to you about the positive impact that their online presence has had on their business. On a less tangible level I feel that an in-person meeting will be helpful to determine if our business philosophies clash or compliment each other. Relying on your intuition to analyze my answers to your questions should whisk away any doubts.

What is a typical yearly cost for small business Internet marketing campaigns

This question is best answered by referring you to my managed hosting service. However in summary; at a root level my very comprehensive standard managed hosting plan begins at $495 per year which includes hosting as well as 12 hours of technical support assistance spread out throughout the year of the agreement. This is typically a sufficient plan of coverage for most small business requirements however a custom plan may also be developed if you require more intensive resources. Please note that this will be a recurring cost over and above the initial design and development prices/rates. Furthermore this expense will be waived for the first year after your website goes live. The first year of managed hosting and technical support will be free as long as you continue to host your website on the small business servers of Ataraxis Web Design. It’s like having your very own “computer guy” as a contracted employee for as little as .35 per day! Please visit my managed web hosting service page for complete details.

How can visitor static analytic statistics help my online advertising strategy

Web analytics is a practice of monitoring visitor traffic and how they navigate while interacting with a site environment. An important aspect of this practice is having an ability to determine what keywords or key phrases visitors use to arrive here. This information can then be assessed and analyzed to determine if content is properly optimized to appeal to these terms. It is also not uncommon for analytics to help you incorporate secondary keywords or phrases into your content presentations that you may not have otherwise considered.

What does organic search results mean

Organic search results is a ridiculous term applied to non-paid search query results that are presented in the main body of search engine results page as opposed to paid advertisements that often appear just above or to either side of non-paid results. Like most else in our society when there is an opportunity to exploit a popular term for financial gain someone is going to find a way to do it and make it stick. Throughout this website I refer to organic search results as non-paid results.

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Questions and answers that appear on this page are only some of the most commonly encountered queries. There is a more in depth article presented elsewhere on this site where you may receive benefit of the knowledge presented. If you are interested you may learn more about Online Advertising »


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The minimalist baby room.

The need for something clear and more spacious, that’s where I’m at the moment.

About a year ago I watched this TEDTalk by Berry Schwartz; the talk is about the paradox of the overabundance of choice. It had a huge impact on me, well I guess not enough to invoke a huge change, at least at that moment. The over arching message of the talk does echo at certain moments in life, it’s kinda crazy but I hear the voices “ too many choices, too many decisions, too little time to do what is really important.” [1] I do realize that more option allows for more room for interesting experimentation and such, Pinterest is a lovely example of that. Moderation in my opinion is the behavior that sums up the dilemma of overabundance of choice. The giant list of mistakes I made for 2013 included a goal to be  mindful of these things that clutter life.

The minimalist baby space I’m designing in my home will be  a nice reminder of all the things that are important. Things don’t bring meaning, purpose, or lasting joy; my family does.  By removing the unnecessary possession that distracts me from whats actually important is my rite of passage into a lifestyle that’s more life-giving.  Here are some ideas I have so far.

[2]  (less stuffed animals, maybe just two!)

[3] (less wall hangings)

[4] (fewer toys)

Once the room is complete in the late summer/ early fall I’ll post pictures.

Link to Berry’s book  The Paradox of Choice: Why More Is Less

[1]  Paradox of Choice, Harper Perennial 2004




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Eco-friendly lipped mussel extract and joint disease

Eco-friendly Lipped Mussel Extract And Joint disease

Eco-friendly lipped mussels as well as their advantages of lowering inflammation and reducing joint discomfort, initially grew to become observed from watching the Maoris, who’re New Zealand’s indigenous people.

These moving Polynesians, recognized themselves inside a climate which was harsher and more severe than they’ve been utilized to, but no matter this and also the incredibly tough function which was necessary to survive – the did not get joint disease and also the pains and aches that will usually be anticipated.

Why don’t you? Due to the fact their diets were inside a very significant portion comprised of sea food, and particularly eco-friendly lipped mussels.

Eco-friendly Lipped Mussel Joint disease Management

Regrettably, there’s not really a fix for joint disease at this time around, but there can surely be approaches of controlling it and also the signs and signs and symptoms, which may be rather useful. Joint disease and joint discomfort may become very painful, and often debilitating. And also the troubles and inconvenience from insufficient mobility because the situation gets worse can also be quite problematic.

More often than not patients are supplied aspirin or another NSAID for discomfort relief and also to minimize inflammation. They are able to help and provide some respite, but these kinds of medications can result in bleeding and gastro-intestinal issues, and you will find also folks along with other conditions retaining these from being taken.

I do not forget after i initial had some back problems from the sticking out disk, that was also called minor joint disease. And lucky me, I had been recommended Vioxx, a drug which was really removed the since of very serious side effects – that old treat just one point, after which trigger worse troubles.So, considering a few of the troubles with treatments presently becoming utilized, a organic supplement like eco-friendly lipped mussel extract, that basically doesn’t have side effects of these who’re not allergic to seafood, will be a quite excellent point.

Eco-friendly Lipped Mussel Strengths

Besides recommendations and knowledge collected from people are choosing eco-friendly lipped mussel supplements with good success, there’s extra info originating from research which have been completed that demonstrate rewards and elevated possibility of joint disease management from normal use – the following are the much more considerable products which are being discovered:

? Respite from joint disease discomfort? Decrease in the soreness within the joints because of joint disease? Achievable aid for repair of connective tissue

What’s extremely exciting and furthermore advantageous is when eco-friendly lipped mussels may be used for creatures must, with comparable final results. For example, consider our dogs, as well as their issues with joint discomfort and mobility as time passes. Not just is the supplements be rather helpful for help in controlling their discomfort, they might also eliminate individuals same types of side effects from prolonged using medications for discomfort that people might have.

Right here are a few benefits from a few studies which i situated:

(1) Studies completed in New Zealand to check the effectiveness have offered promising final results. Dogs with joint disease which have been provided standard dog foods combined with the mussel powder, demonstrated a decrease in discomfort having a return in mobility right after six days of the feeding combination.

(two) Using the prospective becoming proven from studies utilizing eco-friendly lipped mussel supplements within the control over joint disease and joint pain in humans and creatures, they may be expected to continue, and hopefully will result in a all-natural remedy with minimal side effects for quite painful conditions.Eco-friendly Lipped Mussel Supplements

Now, understand that these benefits talked about are finest available by way of eating the raw mussels – but they may be copied by utilization of supplements.

Nevertheless, that getting mentioned, it considerably is dependent on in which you actually get these supplements if you are planning to actually have the meant advantages – several could be lost through the manufacturing approach whether it does for example substantial warmth cooking, or utilizing mussels which have been frozen.

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