A Major Problem Caused By Smoking: Lung Cancer

Lung cancer is seen as being a resultant of an abnormality in the cell. The human body is known to automatically regulate cell growth in the basis of production when needed. In the event uncontrolled cell growth in the lung tissues, the resultant will be the development of lung cancer.

Symptoms of lung cancer vary depending on the location and the spreading effect of the tumor but one cannot easily identify early warnings of lung cancer. The best thing one can do is consult a doctor in cases of a new persistent cough or the worsening of an existing chronic cough, if there is blood in his sputum, chest pains and difficulties in breathing and unexplained weight loss.

Cancer of the lungs can be categorized into primary lung cancer and Mesothelioma. The primary lung cancer is cancer that starts in the lungs while the Mesothelioma or also referred to as secondary lung cancer normally results when the origin of the cancer was from another part of the body spreading to the lungs.

The causes of lung cancer can be through smoking, radon gas, asbestos or viruses not forgetting the genetic risk.

Smoking: Cigarette smoking is by far the major leading cause to lung cancer with over 80% of lung cancer related deaths in the developed world being as a result of cigarette smoking. There are even greater chances of one developing lung cancer if he/she takes on smoking at a younger age. Non-smokers can also find themselves developing cancer through exposure from the presence of one smoking close to them. Therefore in smoking pipes and cigars, cannabis or as a passive smoker you are likely to develop lung cancer.

Radon Gas: This gas is natural in occurrence and is known to pass from the soil to building foundations. Exposure to these gases will very much vary as per the locality and the underlying soil and rocks in that area.

Asbestos: Individuals who have had prolonged contact with asbestos stand a higher chance of developing lung cancer especially in the event they do smoke for the combination of asbestos and tobacco will tend to act as one thus increasing the risks. Heavy exposure to asbestos may result to far greater risks of developing lung cancer.

Viruses: Previously, viruses were seen to cause lung cancer in animals, but recent research has come out to suggest that it can also cause lung cancer in humans. The viruses that are known to be causing lung cancer include; human papillomavirus, JC virus, simian virus among others. They tend to affect cell cycle resulting to the uncontrolled cell division.

Prevention serves as the most cost- effective means of combating lung cancer. Elimination of tobacco smoking should be the top goal in the eradication of lung cancer.

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