Abnormal Pap smear – doesn't mean you have cancer

Regular Pap test is suggested to women of reproductive age to find if there is any change in the cells of the cervix, the lower part of uterus opening into the vagina. A Pap test is suggested to diagnose for any infection, abnormality in cervical cells, and for cervical cancer. However, most of the people think that abnormal Pap smears Denver always mean cervical cancer. And, that’s why patients panic if they come to know that their test resulted abnormal.

Women generally question the need of this test, but they don’t understand that it can be a life saver if done on time. It can diagnose earlier signs of cervical cancer and warn patients to take adequate action and cure it on time. Further, it can also warn against the abnormal cells that may grow into cancer. Earlier diagnosis and treatment can prevent its development and reward healthy life to the patients. If done regularly, it can result in the reduction of death counts due to cervical cancer.

Although, not all women experience problems related to the cervix, but doctors suggest every woman of reproductive age to have this test done along with pelvic examination. And it must be in their routine healthcare for a healthy life. In fact, women who are following Birth control Englewood and/or have reached menopause, should also get the test done to diagnose if they have any problem, which needs immediate consultation from an expert.

The result of the test may be normal or abnormal. In most of the cases, the abnormal test result is associated with cancer. But the fact is that it is not always true and may indicate any other problem with the cervix. No doubt that some of the abnormal cells may grow into cancer, but in some instances, they just vanish away with simple treatment procedures. By treating these unhealthy cells on time, the instances of cancer can be prevented with great success.

The normal result means nothing, but if there is something serious, then doctors may also suggest more powerful tests to find the best treatment possible for the abnormality. The consultation is not always easier like that of Abortion pill Englewood, but needs more careful approach as it may also indicate serious consequences.

It is always suggested to patients to not to panic but act smart and listen to their doctor to get best medication and consultation for whatever result the Pap smear brings on the card.

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