I'm 17, Can I Get Genital Warts?

You must be aware of genital warts if you are sexually active. These warts are infectious and the virus that causes it can also propel cancer. You need a proper idea about the warts and learn to identify the symptoms so that you can consult a doctor as early as possible. At times little kids can also be affected by the warts and it calls for immediate attention.

Have you been suffering from genital warts of late? These warts are caused by human papillomavirus commonly called HPV. It is the representation of the most common sexually transmitted disease that occurs due to a virus. However not in all cases is it infectious. It can affect both men and women alike and can occur at any age. The scientific name is condyloma acuminata and it is usually flesh colored. The gray growths you find in the genital region are also warts. You need to know as much as you can about these warts as usually they are contagious and thereby can pose a risk.

Genital warts can affect you mostly if you fall in the age group of 17 to 33. And you run the risk of being affected with these warts if you have sexual intimacy with an infected person even once. However at times children as small as three years old can be infected by these warts. You can obviously question how they tend to contract it. The small kids contract the warts through manual contact with an infected person. However if you find the warts in a small child then you should ask him if he suffered any kind of sexual abuse or not.

The genital warts are mostly caused by two kinds of virus HPV 6 and 11 and these types do not entail high risk. They also have very low potential of causing cancer. However HPV 16 is associated with nearly 60% of cervical cancer and HPV 16, 18 and 35 accounts for nearly 80% cancer probability. During sexual intercourse viral particles are allowed to go through the skin and mucosal surfaces due to microscopic abrasion of the genital areas and this result in warts. Warts in the genital area are also indirectly related to birth control pills. The pills result in absence of barrier protection and are considered dangerous if you have multiple sexual partners and sexual activeness from a tender age. This raises the risk of warts.

What are the symptoms of genital warts? Generally the warts in the genital area are painless but can prove to be a cause of worry because of their size, location and itchiness. A wart can be either one millimeter in size or can range to a few square centimeters when several warts join together. The symptoms of the warts include bumps that usually do not cause pain, swelling and at times certain discharges. It can also cause itching. If the wart involves urethral opening it can at times result in bleeding and obstruction of urine.

The genital warts in men can infect the penis, rectal area, scrotum and the urethra. The wart can be either like a soft raised mass or rough with finger like projections. Some may be rough with dark looking surface. As some of the lesions are covered by hair it may be difficult to detect infection with HPV. In case of women the warts usually occur in moist areas like vaginal opening and labia minora.

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