Warts On Hands Myths And Why They Remain Myths

It is already pretty difficult to deal with the skin condition known as warts, but not having the right information can add to your woes.

Even with the barrage of information available, it is still a puzzle why these misconceptions survive. Believing and making decisions based on them will only waste your time and efforts that could have been used into getting the proper cure.

As such, read the following myths and don’t believe them at all costs:

Handling toads can give you warts.

This is as old as warts themselves. This myth may have even originated during the Middle Ages and has still continued due to the unpopularity of toads themselves. It may seem true as the texture of toads is very open to interpretation, but we already know what causes warts. The true culprit is the human papilloma virus or HPV.

Warts cannot cause cancer.

Now that you know about HPV, it would be more informative to add that certain types of the virus are responsible for different forms of warts. Incidentally, the same strain that causes genital warts is also largely responsible for cervical cancer.

However, it has not been proven yet that the warts themselves can lead to cancer, but they are a good indication for women to immediately seek proper consultation.

Warts are not contagious.

Here is a myth that you only wish to be true, but the reality is that warts are highly transmittable by skin contact. If you have an open wound or even just a scratch, you are highly susceptible to the viral infection. Among the many types, it is the genital wart that is most contagious. This becomes more alarming since these types of warts often come in contact with others during intercourse.

Warts grow deep down due to their roots.

The top layer of the skin is the epidermis, and warts only affect this layer. They do not have roots, and they definitely do not contract the second layer or dermis. The myth might be due to the fact some warts, especially the ones that are found on the hands, tend to grow down. The warts actually displace the dermis, but never really destroy it.

Warts on hands can affect the genitalia.

Now this may seem a contradiction of what has been discussed earlier, but when digging deeper, it is truly a misconception. The HPV types that cause genital warts and common warts are actually different.

This does not mean, though, that common warts can be simply left alone; to avoid contracting other parts of your hand or somebody else’s, better consult a doctor for proper removal.

Duct tape is a good treatment for warts.

It is very easy to fall for this one as a lot of people are doing it. The idea is to place a piece of duct tape on the infected area to inhibit the growth of warts. It is a mystery as to what compound in the adhesive surface of duct tape would actually bring the cure, but several studies have been made on this theory. All reports show that the effect is negligible or very close to zero.

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